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Marriott Cypress Harbour Lobby Renovation


It’s one thing to do a renovation in an area of a hotel that can be easily shut off from public access during the construction process. It’s an entirely different story when the renovation needs to take place where guests and visitors can be easily inconvenienced by the challenges of an ongoing construction site. Boyer’s expertise in the Renovations and Refurbishments in the Hospitality Industry was a key factor for the successful completion of the Main Lobby Renovation project at the Marriott Cypress Harbour Resort.

From its inception, our team understood what a project in a highly visible location would entail. The project team knew that for the Owner, Guest Satisfaction scores were tantamount to a high-quality end product.  Therefore, efficient planning and scheduling of project deliverables resulted in Jobsite that allowed guests to have access to the registration and concierge desks with minimal disruptions throughout the project.

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